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Links to cool websites
I'm a member of these organizations

SCBWI - Society of children's book writers and illustrators

Illustrators Club

The Illustrator's Club

for authors & illustrators
Picture Book Artists

Picture Book Artist's Association

The Children's Book Guild

The Children's Book Guild of Washington DC

Seven Impossible Things Before Breakfast. I find some of the most innovative and surprising art and books on this site.

Greenwillow Books Blog - Interesting articles by the artists doing books for Greenwillow as well as fun stories from their editors.Yahooo for cool websites!

The Mazza Museum - is a museum of children’s book art.  And boy do they have a wonderful collection.  They also hold conferences each year where well known children’s illustrators speak about their work.

The Kerlan Collection - at the University of Minnesota is one of the world’s great children’s literature research collections.  They have sketches, drawings, manuscripts, notes and original art from 100,000 children’s books.

Bertram’s Inkwell - is my favorite pen shop.
Artists and calligraphers take note: there’s a new pen on the market called the Duke Confucius Art Fountain Pen.  It's designed to work like a brush, producing thick and thin lines both. It’s available from Bertram’s Inkwell.

Imaginism Studios/Schoolism - This is a group of extraordinary illustrators. Check out their blog and also their classes. Their Schoolism link has online classes in character creation, drawing fundamentals, digital painting and more.

The Drawn Blog - A wonderful, exciting, inspiring blog about drawing, books and artists.

Austin Kleon’s Blog - Straight talking, funny and surprising artist's blog.

Illustrator Will Terry’s Blog - He often talks about painting with Photoshop and creating e-books. He also has video lessons available.


Some of my fascinating friends

Jane Resh Thomas is a incredible writer and mentor.

Lynne Jonell is a great author and funny, too!

Erica Perl is a delightful author and silly as all get out.

Max Haynes is a wonderful photographer, designer and illustrator and he has a line of greeting cards too!

Quimetta Perle is an amazing artist who works in many mediums, including photoshop, video and flash, painting and beading.

Barbara Dacosta is a mystery writer who also writes for children.

Peggy Davis is a remarkable calligrapher who works in both English and Hebrew. She and her husband Joe are also part of the Wholesale Klezmer band.


Teachers & Librarians

Jama Rattigan's Alphabet Soup Blog - she writes about kid's books and interviews artists. It's a must read! Jama has interviewed me a couple of times - she makes me look good! Check them out! 1  2  3  4  5

Books for Kids Blog - Children’s Book reviews

First Book -  is an organization whose goal is to get books into the hands of children. Books are sold inexpensively to teachers, schools and other organizations. Check out their good works.

Literacy and Prose - is an organization that is working to increase literacy in children. They are based in Washington DC and they bring authors to schools—at no charge to the school—and they also give free books to each school visited. Check out their good works.

Kimberly Norman - is a children's book author who has a great blog about children's books. Teachers and librarians take note: she also has a list of authors/illustrators who do school visits listed by state. (It runs in the left margin of her blog.)

Marvin Bartel - is an art teacher extraordinaire. His thoughts on teaching drawing to children have inspired me. If you are learning to draw or want to help others learn, check out his site.

Carol Hurst’s Children’s Literature Website - A blog full of interesting articles on children’s literature. This link takes you to an entry on using children’s books in the classroom.

Lori Calabrese’s Blog - Informative reviews of children's books.


Creative Thinkers

Ted talks has people speaking on the topics of creativity, innovation, spirituality and more.

Brain Pickings Blog - is an exciting blog for anyone interested in creativity, thinking and the brain. Always inspiring and surprising.

5 Ways Doodling Improves Learning - An interesting article from the OpenColleges improvED website.


for kids

Read to Me, A youth reading program
If you go to this site you can see ventriloquist Terry Fator and his turtle  read Duck and Cover as well as Duck Soup.


for Book Lovers

Book Crossing has an incredible idea about sharing books: Read a book then leave it in a public place. Report where it is and let someone else pick it up.

The Pogo Fan Club: This is one of the all time greatest comic strips ever done. And my friend Steve Thompson is an expert on Walt Kelly. He put the website together.

The New York Book Fair - Find incredible books: limited editions, handmade, small publishers. Meet the artists, too. This event is a showcase for seeing what’s possible.


Find some great new books

Harper Collins Children's Books

HoughtonHarcourt Children's Books

Scholastic Books

Albert Whitman Books

Boyds Mills Press

Hyperion Books


My fav Independent Bookstores

Odyssey Books, South Hadley, MA

Politics and Prose Bookstore, Washington DC

Wild Rumpus Bookstore, Minneapolis, MN

The Red Balloon Bookstore, Saint Paul, MN

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